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Caleb Castle

Web/Graphics Designer & Digital Media Marketer

I’m Caleb Castle. I’m new to San Francisco and am looking forward to joining a business or team that hopes to expand over the next year.

My Mission

With a strong foundation in visual communications and design based in hands-on experience as a digital media marketing specialist, I help businesses improve visibility and drive brand engagement while streamlining  marketing strategies to drive effective campaigns. I aim to cut down the fat and streamline results, without compromising on the composure of rich content or construction of quality visual identity.

I love to bend, shape and mold thoughts, ideas, and visions into concrete actions, milestones and deliverables. I apply new school digital marketing methods to tried & true marketing practices. I get excited about deploying the power of curated visual communications to achieve specific measurable results in the form of successful marketing campaigns, lead generation, increased website traffic, high conversion rates and community development.

Smart marketing is about synthesizing data into useful information. It’s about using creative problem solving to engineer effective systems and applications built on solid design principles. It’s about leveraging new media as both the tool and the vessel for visual, written, and spoken communication in order to roadmap the path ahead and achieve target end results. That is my language.

If I Caught Your Attention

Read on to learn about the scope and highlights of my professional experience: my educational background, technical aptitude, hard and soft skills, and portfolio of works.

What Can I Do for You?

How I Can Help

I’m committed to producing quality content and functional design while increasing brand awareness to deliver profitable revenue growth.

By working across Print & Digital media, I’ve leveraged my technical, creative, administrative and editorial skills across the mediums of graphic design, web design, development & administration, digital media and communications to help businesses across a multitude of industries position themselves as players in a digital age.

I’m a trained visual artist with a passion and strong eye for engaging design and composition and use best practice principles for determining layout, color, typography and final presentation. My scope as a graphic designer includes an expert knowledge of the Adobe Creative Master Suite 6 for executing polished digital media production assignments and business marketing collateral. I am well versed with prepress file preparation, photography, typography, preparing style guides, vector/raster illustration, spot colors, bleeds, RGB/CMYK, color correction, die cuts, logo design, product packaging, exhibition design, slide presentations and visual brand management.

I’m also a web designer/developer with  experience in the following areas: Adobe DreamWeaver CS6, WordPress CMS, web hosting, web administration, DNS, SSL Certificates, HTML/CSS, FTP/SFTP, PhpMyAdmin, MySQL database management, responsive web design for mobile devices, wireframing of mock-up prototypes for better UI/UE design, content development, blogging, SEO, SEM, social media, payment gateway integration, e-Commerce management with WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, ZenCart, UberCart & OpenCart, inventory feeds, PCI compliance, data backup and recovery, performance testing and website analytics monitoring.

I’ve worked with businesses from the following sectors: healthcare, complementary & alternative medicines, legal (law offices), real estate, technology, retail, e-Commerce, manufacturing, interior design and entertainment.

How I Got Here

My expertise has been built on a foundation of training in the visual arts, encompassing graphic design, web design & development, digital media production, studio photography and video editing. My first medium was photography, beginning in 2003 with darkroom development and an internship supporting the head photographer  at the George Eastman House International Museum of Film & Photography. In 2004, I learned I have an innate ability for drawing and  illustration. I began drawing and sketching with charcoals, graphite, colored pencil, pastels, marker and india ink, soon delving into painting with oils, acrylics and watercolors.

In college, I went on to become a Visual Arts major. Between 2005-2007, I discovered a love for printmaking and trained in a variety of printmaking techniques, including lithography, intaglio, linocut, monotype, and screenprinting. In 2007, I began working with digital media and graphic design, learning the Adobe Creative Suite. Soon, I found myself moving into video production editing, motion graphics, flash animation, and programming with HTML & CSS, leading to engaging in web design and development. I used this as the launching point for my career, taking on positions as a digital media marketing assistant, graphic designer, web designer, videographer, photographer, content manager, e-commerce developer and marketing manager.

What We Have In Common

We share an appreciation for collaboration, teamwork and effectiveness with a clear focus on return of investment. It’s crucial to find an optimal balance for distribution of resources & talents.  I’m seeking to join an organization that embodies this.

Why You Want To Work With Me

  • I’m both big-picture and detail-oriented.
  • I’m a self-starter and entrepreneur, so I am not afraid of working independently.
  • I am willing to take initiative with minimal direction.
  • I’m an articulate and responsive communicator with a professional demeanor.
  • I’m a top-notch writer, editor and proofreader.
  • I work particularly well with communication and feedback, as I’m trained in the diplomatic art of giving and receiving constructive criticism.

Why You Can Trust Me

I don’t require you to hold my hand to get started because I follow directions well, communicate effectively and always apply the “measure 2x and cut 1x” rule before taking action. I prioritize, manage, reduce, and simplify tasks at all levels for greater efficiency and thus a higher return. You can rely on me because I bring dedication, persistence, creativity, critical thinking, and utilize a “look before you leap” mentality.


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Smith College

Northampton, MA. BA 2009

Specialty: Graphic/Web Design, Digital Media, Visual Arts.

Honors: Dean’s List, 07-’08.


College of Fine Art UNSW

Sydney, Australia: Senior Year Elsewhere Program

Specialty: Multimedia, Web Development & Intaglio

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